Master in Design: Always in Beta.
This master’s degree was conceived as a scenario for the project-based development of the potential of those people interested in tackling new challenges from the perspective of Universidad de Los Andes’ conception of design. Hence, it is planned to be a space to ask questions, be surprised, evolve, make mistakes, trust, learn, provoke and, above all, define proposals for a context and a society that are expecting new questions and innovative responses.

We provide the conditions to ensure that this scenario is as productive as possible. Our staff is diverse, passionate, and trained in state-of-the-art design methodologies. We also have the technological infrastructure necessary to support the learning, experimentation, and production processes.

The design projects undertaken as part of the Master’s program serve as the catalyst for integrating the academic and external spheres (people, communities, industry, and organizations). The intention of the Master in Design is to teach through action, and it is through these actions that we seek to push the limits of design and create new knowledge.

The Master in Design is open not only to designers from all fields, but also to professionals from all disciplines that are willing to embark on an inter-disciplinary exercise and integrate the resources from the Design Thinking approach into their methodologies and enrich them with their knowledge. The ultimate goal is to form a community that is both introspective and proactive.